Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We're all still alive

I have some serious commitment issues with this blog of mine. It's just that I rarely get on the computer these days and on the occasions when I do, it is usually to update my other blog about pancreatitis.

Yesterday and today I am home from work due to strep throat. I can go back tomorrow when I'm not contagious any more. Alex was the first one to get strep throat this time so he has been home as well. Last year, the ENT mentioned that if he got strep again he would need his tonsils out. I think she meant that if he got it again the same year.

Anyway, YEAH strep! Not that I enjoy feeling kind of bad, but I am catching up a little on here at least. Who knows when I will write again? For now I will try to briefly catch you up on the last several weeks in my family.

Everyone is back in school. Zachary started kindergarten this year. Woo-hoo! People ask if I am sad that my baby has started school and I look at them as if they are insane. Maybe they fail to make the connection that I am not a stay at home mom who spends every waking moment with my children. The truth of the matter is I actually see him MORE now that he’s in school since he attends the school I teach at. I also do not have to pay daycare anymore. That is nice as well. So, I have Jared, Nathan, and Zachary at my school this year.

I decided that since I don’t have to drop anyone off at day care anymore, we should walk to school as often as possible for exercise and to save money on gas. After a week or so of doing this, Alex informed me that his chest hurt when he walked. Alex is not one to complain so I set up an appointment with our doctor. She did an EKG (why do they call it that? Electrocardiogram SHOULD be ECG) and it was abnormal. Next was a visit to Flagstaff to see the pediatric cardiologist. He did an ultrasound and there were no abnormalities in the structure of his heart. There COULD be an arrhythmia but we have to keep a record of episodes of chest pain first. My father and older brother both have arrhythmias. They can be treated with medications, so it’s all good.

Jared received a letter because they want to test him for the gifted program at school. I’m pretty sure he’s not gifted, but they can test. It will help his self esteem if nothing else.

Tyler is a freshman this year. He spends a good part of his time trying to drive me insane. It works a lot of the time, too. He is getting braces this week on Thursday. It was supposed to be on October 13th, but they moved the day up. Now he and Erica will both be “metallica” as I like to refer to them.

Erica is a junior. She will turn 16 this Sunday (9/28). I’m still not sure how that happened so fast. She finally got around to getting her driver’s permit yesterday and I had her drive (much to my terror) a little bit yesterday. She actually is not that bad, but she did almost run into another driver while changing lanes. I informed her of the need to turn and look before changing lanes as opposed to just using the mirrors. I also talked to her about blind spots when driving a van and to use EXTREME caution when backing up. It’s better to drive like an old lady then to plow some unsuspecting person over.

As for me, things have been pretty much business as usual. The three older boys have scouts every week (at different times, of course) that I have to take them and pick them up from. Then there are counseling and orthodontist appointments. Usually there are some other extra activities as well such as parent teacher conferences or birthday parties. I always have a minimum of 24 parent teacher conferences to attend. (After all, I am the teacher and a parent.) It is interesting trying to accommodate all of the different schedules (parents, my kids’ teachers, etc..) when setting up conferences. It would be so nice if the parents could just make arrangements for their conference. After all, they’re only twice a year. I was a little infuriated when I had some parents who did not bother to show up for their times, but then showed up later when I was supposed to be attending my own children’s conferences and expected me to just drop them.. (Which, of course, I did.) I just had to cancel my appointments and reschedule because their time MUST be much more valuable than my time. Ugh! Anyway, I’m glad those are done. I also had to go take one of those terrible, expensive tests to renew my certification that wastes your entire Saturday. I am a little concerned that I did not pass it since I was finished in a little under two hours. The writing portion was fairly interesting since I wasn’t quite clear on what they wanted me to write about.

I guess I will go rest for a little bit. There are so many things I should be getting done right now, but I am so tired. I guess that my body needs a little down time to heal. Maybe I will take a little power nap and then get some things done. Until next time…