Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How time flies!

Okay, the last time I wrote on here, Alex ended up breaking his elbow later on the same day. It is actually just a hairline fracture right at the end of the humerus and he has a splint as opposed to a cast. He hit a crack in the sidewalk while riding his scooter and launched forward, breaking the fall with his elbow. I did inform him that there was more than one reason for the phrase, "Say no to crack." The pinewood derby was that night, so he just had to wait a little while to get it x-rayed.

The pinewood derby was fun. Jared's car wasn't very fast, but it won an award for the design. It was awesome. Jared wasn't upset about losing the speed part, mainly because I assured him ahead of time that if he did, I probably wouldn't let him get his driver's license when he turns speeding is allowed. I think I mentioned that my younger brother, Chris, helped with his car this year. He and the kids came to the pinewood derby. I was glad they were able to come.

Let's see...I've also made a couple of trips to the valley and was able to visit with my parents some. Erica also got a prom dress that will have to be altered. All of the dresses were either strapless (like hers) or had thin, spaghetti straps. You would think that for all the money they charge for those things, they could afford to add some kind of sleeves on them so they aren't falling out of the top. They don't have to be hideous sleeves, just something to give the dress a little less of the slut look. Anyway, it is a beautiful dress. It will just need a little tweaking.

Alex had his tonsils & adenoids removed last Monday (2/9). He has eaten very little since then and had to go back to the hospital for IV fluids. He's gone from weighing 98 lbs down to 82.5 lbs in eight days. He goes back for his follow up appointment tomorrow. I'm sure the doctor will be impressed. The kid just refuses to eat; not even the popsicles he picked out. I really had hoped he would not be hurting as much by now. His surgery marked surgery #17 for my children. (They are officially ahead of me by one. I don't plan on catching up.)

My kids and I were invited to go to Disneyland with a guy I know. The kids were disappointed when I declined the invitation. He even had reservations for a nice family suite, but the dates were for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I would have loved to have gone, but I would have had to have taken off most of this week. It's probably good we didn't go. Alex still feels terrible and spends most of his time sleeping. We had a delayed start today because of snow (again). It probably wouldn't have been very warm. Maybe we can do something fun this summer, like go to the beach...when there is no more stupid SNOW!

There was a bit of bad news at school. It looks very much like the state legislature is not going to fund full-day kindergarten next year. (This would be state-wide, of course.) This is bad for a lot of people, but it is especially bad for me since I happen to teach full day kindergarten. They have to make cuts everywhere, but I was really hoping that somehow I would not get the ax. Some of the representatives (Pearce for one) is saying it's just babysitting. Whatever. Maybe he should try it for one day.

I'm sure there is more I am forgetting, but I am pretty fried right now. My brother stopped by for a while tonight and we visited. It was nice. I guess it is time for bed. Goodnight until next time. :)