Friday, April 10, 2009

Six weeks later....

It is so bad that I hardly ever write on here.

Let's see...the best thing recently would have to have been spring break. I went to stay at my parents' house for a few days just to visit. It was very nice. The boys got in the pool! The water was a little too cold for my liking in March. I got to spend a day with my sister and her kids. We went to the air show at Luke Air force Base and had a great time. It was our (kids' & I) first air show and it was pretty cool. We came back home Tuesday night because Tyler had an appointment on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to Joseph City to visit my brother Chris & his family. Katherine put sleeves on Erica's prom dress so it would not be a slutty one anymore. She is an amazing seamstress. It looks like the dress came that way! On Friday, I went to Safford and stayed overnight at Keith's house. It was nice to get to see him, Charlotte, and the kids. I also got to see two of my dear friends, Connie and Jeanette, while we were there as well. I was so happy to get to see my parents, ALL of my siblings and their families, and even some friends. I don't get to see them often enough.
The pictures above are from spring break. I used my parent's camera because Erica borrowed mine and it disappeared for a couple of weeks. Picture #1 is of my kids and dad at Hole in the Rock. Pictures #2 & #3 are of the kids and me at hole in the rock. Picture #4 is of the kids inside a huge tanker at the air show. Picture #5 is of my sister and her son, Robbie. (He was very excited to get to ride on a school bus from the parking lot over to LAFB for the air show.)
Another big and exciting thing that has happened recently (this week) has to do with Erica. In the fall she attended a regional FBLA leadership conference. On Mon.-Wed. of this week, she went to the state level. She was one of three students selected in the state, in her area of competition, to go on to the National level! This is a huge privilege and honor for her. It will be great for a resume and offer her opportunities for scholarships. The bad part is that the school is able to pay for about $800 of it at this point, but that leaves another $600 to come up with by April 20th. That's a week from Monday. They don't give you much time for that. We are going to see if anyone from the chamber of commerce will donate some money to help out. She is also babysitting this Saturday during the day and then helping clean a friend's house on Monday. I sent an email at work asking if anyone needed some odd jobs done to help her earn some money. I am hoping that she will be able to go. First, we will focus on getting the $600 she needs by April 2oth. Then, we will focus on her earning spending money for meals, etcetera later. The conference is in California at the end of June. We have plenty of time to worry about the spending money part later.
Yesterday, Alex broke his tooth off on the trampoline after school at about 5:00. He REALLY broke it off. It was near the gum line with about 2-3 millimeters left of it. Needless to say, all of the nerves were exposed and it was bleeding. We couldn't find the part that had broken off, but apparently they can't reattach that anyway. The whole story about putting it in a cup of water or cold milk is apparently an old wives tale. Our dentist is in Snowflake (yes there are many other dentists closer to us, but ours is excellent). He had a meeting to go to, but he said he could fix his tooth afterwards at 8:30 so we went then. He was done by 10:00 and we were back home by 10:30. I am SOOOO thankful that he was willing to do that for us. That was very nice of him. Alex's gums are very bruised and swollen from the trauma of his accident, but otherwise, the tooth looks great again.
Tonight I am taking the kids to Mesa to watch the Easter pageant. It is supposed to snow up here, so I imagine it will be raining there. We'll see. We will just make sure to take our coats with hoods. If they cancel it, I guess we can see if my parents would mind if we stopped in for a visit or we can go to the mall if they are busy. I really don't think they will cancel it, though. We have to come back home tonight because, as I mentioned above, Erica is babysitting tomorrow. That will mean quite a bit of driving in one day, but I really enjoy going to the Easter pageant and the kids do as well.
Well, I guess that is all for now. It is actually almost time for me to be getting up for the day. It should be a fun day.


Kandice and Rob said...

That's really cool about Erica! I was impressed with the principal on the video you sent.

You should post the link to the video on here!